Rabbit Hole

A RPG Adventure in Dark Wonderland

Tales from a Rabbit Hole

Comic series about the silly side of gaming

Draw A Rabbit Event Result at Anime Matsuri 2018

Thank you to everyone who stopped by and support our Rabbit Hole booth at Anime Matsuri. You all drew over 350 rabbits and contributed the growing bunny army!

Character Creation - Tales from the rabbit hole

There are a lot of decisions in creating a character in RPGs... Sometimes, I spend more time planning the character than playing the game.

Anime Matsuri Post Mortem

Anime Matsuri Post Mortem - A first-time indie game exhibitor experience in a big expo.

Dying in RPGs - Tales from the rabbit hole

What does dying mean in 4 types of RPG: Western RPG, JRPG, MMORPG and Tabletop RPG

Collateral Damage - Tales from the rabbit hole

This one is a tribute to all my JRPG summon spells, especially Final Fantasy.