Rabbit Hole

A RPG Adventure in Dark Wonderland

Tales from a Rabbit Hole

Comic series about the silly side of gaming

Random Number Generator - Tales from the Rabbit Hole

RGNUS can be cruel.

Selling to NPC - Tales from the Rabbit Hole

Ever wonder what happens to your loot after you sold them to NPC? Me too.

Healing Potion - Tales from the Rabbit Hole

RPG gamers, specially JRPG fan can relate to this story...

Rabbit Hole Announcement

Rabbit Hole is an upcoming story-driven - RPG filled with cosmic horrors and mental illness, then wrapped in the wackiness of Alice in Wonderland.

Ge.Ne.Sis 2: Battle System

Hello beloved fans! As you may have known, Ge.nesis 2: Into the rabbit hole is in fast development thanks to your donations and supports. I figure I should post something up for you guys to see how it is coming along. So, here is a screen shot and v