Rabbit Hole

A RPG Adventure in Dark Wonderland

Tales from a Rabbit Hole

Comic series about the silly side of gaming

Replication Power - Tales from the Rabbit Hole

Monsters in RPG has so many powers, but many of them are double-edged swords

Offline DLC - Tales from the Rabbit Hole

Before digital distribution, loot boxes, and day one DLC, there are something called the strategy guide

Outnumbered - Tales from the Rabbit Hole

Stuck in an RPG world? It isn't too bad if this world also uses a turn-based battle system. Politely take your numbers, boys.

Five Classic RPG Games That Defined the Genre

Over this time, several games have made their mark and defined the ways RPGs are played today. We’ve picked the following five (in chronological order) that have had the biggest impact.

Ultimate Weapon - Tales from the rabbit hole

We all try to get them: the shiny ultimate piece of gears. Then, we got no uses from them.