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Ge.Ne.Sis Caramel Dancing

This is a music video of the main characters in the game Ge.ne.sis. They can't escape the addicting Caramel Dance!

Ge.Ne.Sis: Down the roads of Tales Released

Ah…The root of it all. Ge.ne.sis: Down the road of tale is the first game in the series which was released in 2009. The game was welcomed by adoring fans and encouraged me to make it into a series. Ge.ne.sis is a tactical RPG game staring three teenagers: the frigid Neraine, the arrogant Gelyan and the hyper Sisily. Don’t miss out their fantastical adventures through time and space!

Ge.ne.sis Trailer

This is the game trailers for the original Ge.ne.sis.