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Draw A Rabbit Event Result at Anime Matsuri 2018

Thank you to everyone who stopped by and support our Rabbit Hole booth at Anime Matsuri. You all drew over 350 rabbits and contributed the growing bunny army!

Anime Matsuri Post Mortem

Anime Matsuri Post Mortem - A first-time indie game exhibitor experience in a big expo.

Rabbit Hole Announcement

Rabbit Hole is an upcoming story-driven - RPG filled with cosmic horrors and mental illness, then wrapped in the wackiness of Alice in Wonderland.

Ge.Ne.Sis on Jayisgames

Good new, friends! The popular casual game review website Jayisgames.com has published a very nice review of Ge.ne.sis: The road of tales. Click here to read the review! How about you? What do you think I can do to improve the sequels? Visits the forum and discuss your ideas!

Ge.Ne.Sis: Down the roads of Tales Released

Ah…The root of it all. Ge.ne.sis: Down the road of tale is the first game in the series which was released in 2009. The game was welcomed by adoring fans and encouraged me to make it into a series. Ge.ne.sis is a tactical RPG game staring three teenagers: the frigid Neraine, the arrogant Gelyan and the hyper Sisily. Don’t miss out their fantastical adventures through time and space!