Into the Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole is an upcoming story-driven - RPG filled with cosmic horrors and mental illness, then wrapped in the wackiness of Alice in Wonderland.

Three children from different parts of the world share the same dream every night. In their slumber, they follow a rabbit to a dark island plagued with a mysterious infection. They encounter the cursed inhabitants of this land and must uncover the purpose of their arrival before the plague consumes them.



  • Turn based combat with dynamic positions: Rabbit Hole employs an innovative battle system that allow for strategic decisions without giving up the exciting fast-paced battles.
  • Multiple endings: Your decision matters! The game features more than 5 distinct endings
  • Hand-crafted main story with procedural generated loots, side quests, and extra dungeons: Procedural generated content ensures that every play through is a new experience. The important story's quests are hand-crafted so that we don't lose out on the narrative and character development
  • Character customization with Equipment and Tarot cards: Customize your party with Equipment and Tarot Card. Each card contains spells, skills, passive perk or summon-able Tarot allies.
  • Mental breakdown and Sanity system: Adventuring in the world of madness will cause characters to slowly become mentally unstable. Manage mental illness and mental breakdowns with conversations, skills and peaceful activities

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