Ge.Ne.Sis 2: Battle System


2018 UPDATE:

Ge.Ne.Sis 2 project is no longer being developed, however, a successor to Ge.Ne.Sis series, Rabbit Hole, is in active development. Please visit the Rabbit Hole Website Here or sign up to our newsletter for updates on the new game.

Old Post

Hello beloved fans!

As you may have known, Ge.nesis 2: Into the rabbit hole is in fast development thanks to your donations and supports. I figure I should post something up for you guys to see how it is coming along. So, here is a screen shot and video of the battle system and a video of our favorite Neraine fighting!

The battle system has been totally revamped. It is now a semi-realtime battle with chain and combo. Note that Nera is on “auto-fight mode”, when you turn auto fight off, user can actually pick what attack she will use.

Chained link a lower level attack to the next stronger one and doesn’t consume Energy. It is based on Dexterity. If you are really lucky and have high Dexterity, sometime Nera can pull of a 5 chain attack with a combo of over 20 hits! Enjoy and let me know what you think about the new battle system!

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