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Rabbit Hole Announcement

Rabbit Hole is an upcoming story-driven - RPG filled with cosmic horrors and mental illness, then wrapped in the wackiness of Alice in Wonderland.

Ge.Ne.Sis 2: Battle System

Hello beloved fans! As you may have known, Ge.nesis 2: Into the rabbit hole is in fast development thanks to your donations and supports. I figure I should post something up for you guys to see how it is coming along. So, here is a screen shot and v

Heroes of Might and Magic Series- a Retrospective Part 1

The year is late 80s. Gaming industry has long recovered for the infamous video game crash of 1983 with Nintendo single handedly gave the video game world a push straight to the top. King of Fighters was dominating the arcade and kids around the worlds were passing out the famous Konami code to beat Contra. Button smashing was the norm with arcade machine screaming for mercy but can’t stop gulping quarters and coins.

Ge.Ne.Sis on Jayisgames

Good new, friends! The popular casual game review website Jayisgames.com has published a very nice review of Ge.ne.sis: The road of tales. Click here to read the review! How about you? What do you think I can do to improve the sequels? Visits the forum and discuss your ideas!

Wings of Ge.Ne.Sis Released

Wings of Genesis is a side-scrolling shooting game with a heavy touch of RPG influence. Players can pick one of the 3 main characters to begin the adventure and blast through waves of bosses and enemies! Furthermore, there are 20 special spirit beasts to ride, countless equipment to craft and numerous items to use. Each character is special and fully customizable providing unprecedented level of deep in a side-scrolling shooting game.