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Five Classic RPG Games That Defined the Genre

Over this time, several games have made their mark and defined the ways RPGs are played today. We’ve picked the following five (in chronological order) that have had the biggest impact.

Ultimate Weapon - Tales from the rabbit hole

We all try to get them: the shiny ultimate piece of gears. Then, we got no uses from them.

Draw A Rabbit Event Result at Anime Matsuri 2018

Thank you to everyone who stopped by and support our Rabbit Hole booth at Anime Matsuri. You all drew over 350 rabbits and contributed the growing bunny army!

Character Creation - Tales from the rabbit hole

There are a lot of decisions in creating a character in RPGs... Sometimes, I spend more time planning the character than playing the game.

Anime Matsuri Post Mortem

Anime Matsuri Post Mortem - A first-time indie game exhibitor experience in a big expo.