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Wings of Genesis

The long wait is finally over! The second game in universe has been released!

Wings of Genesis is a side-scrolling shooting game with a heavy touch of RPG influence. Players can pick one of the 3 main characters to begin the adventure and blast through waves of bosses and enemies! Furthermore, there are 20 special spirit beasts to ride, countless equipment to craft and numerous items to use. Each character is special and fully customizable providing unprecedented level of deep in a side-scrolling shooting game.

I had lot of fun making this game so I poured lot of works and love into it. I hope you all will enjoy the game as much as I did. Note that Wings of is NOT the sequel to the original It is a spin off. The true sequel of the original is Into the rabbit hole and the game is under development =)

Also, shout out to the guys and gals in forum! You all has been loyal, helpful and patient friends! I thank you.

Click here to play the game(Kongregate).

Click here to read the strategy guide(Kongregate).

Click here to watch the trailer.



  • Hi! I really like the music of the game? Do you know how I can get it? Thanks :D

  • Your games are awesome!! At all costs keep the inspiration that gives your games all the originality and live atmosphere!! Thank you!

  • I Have played through it on easy mode as the carrot shooter, it was quite fun. I didn’t know that you could still make games of this level with just flash. It reminded me of games such as darius twin and gradius. Definitely worthwhile, great music and mostly clean animations, I also like the art style, the only one thing that made me laugh was the volcano golem!

  • it a good game love the drawing and the weapons but i wounder y you hve to make sisily rocket launcher a carrot?The music is great i love the boss theme,the menu theme,and the theme of it i would of download it instead of buying it i feel sorry to the person the create the songs.

    • o ya the drawing is really good um can’t wait until into the rabbit hole so this is blazekillerassassin the gunslinger as all ways

  • So, will the spin off have a sequel, or is the spinoff the intermediate between 1 and 2? Also, 2 will have be like the first, right? (Turned based, magic affiliation, and class pros and cons) You know what would make it more realistic? The characters start at level 18 (Gen 1 max level) and the enemies are strong enough to keep up with the character growths, requiring some strategy.

    • i belive it would be better if they start at the level you left off so it well feel more like a continue version of genesis 1

  • i know all their elements. Neraine is holy and ice,Gelyan is poison and wind,and
    sisily is fire and dark.I hope that all the right elements.

  • HAHAHA THIS HAD BETTER BE A JOKE. I have been waiting for MONTHS to play “Into the Rabbit Holes,” then I check and THIS is all I found. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • HAHAHA YOU HAD BETTER BE JOKING! developing games takes a lot of time and money, if you want it to come faster, donate to the game. kinda hard to motivate yourself to make a FREE game when your dead tired after woking to put food on the table


    Shut the fuck up and just play the game you retarded douchenozzle. Unless he’s on your payroll, the dude has no obligation to make any game on your schedule. It’ll come out when it does and this spin-off is a nice time waster.

  • I have to agree with Wei2lazi. You can’t complain with something you get for free. also the game isn’t bad nothing like the next game will be, but I’m content to know it will come out and wait for it.

  • Wings of Ge.Ne.Sis was wonderful. The character designs were amazing! I hope all your games feature such incredible outfits for characters.

  • Wings of genesis is a great time waster and was better than i thought it would be can i beta test your next genesis game an?

  • i love wings of genesis and all but i can’t stop thinking, if you could make wings of genesis why couldn’t you make into the rabbit hole first.Oh yah the pictuers for into the rabbit hole looks LAME.Sorry but it is the truth.I have a suggetion use th pictures from genesis for into the rabbit hole.

    • I was just wondering but can you make the charectors in the trailer “into the rabbit hole” look like the trailer “ino the rabbit hole” since the images you posted doesn’t look ANYTHING like the ones in the trailer “into the rabbit hole”.So can you make the charectors look like the ones in the trailer “into the rabbit hole”.Oh and keep the grid and the perk,status, and charector thing from genesis 1 because it well probably be easier thet way.Plus can tell us when “into the rabbit hole” be finfished since i want to play it first.

      • Is there a trailer?Please me I what to see it but i can find it!Please post the adress!!!

        • It’s in the end of the game of “Genesis road of tales” when you choose the devil egg or IT’S AT THE HOME PAGE IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!That fells MUCH better.

  • Sorry to comment so many times but can you just make the charectors look like the ones in the trailer “into the rabbit hole” and can you tell me waay did you neraine blush when gelyan gave the ocean equipment because so for i think you want neraine and gelyan fall for each other. I’m not to sure if that was what you intended to do but did make them more then friends.

  • Once again i apoligishes for posting so many comments but there are some things i can’t stop thinking. (1) are you trying to make gelyan and neraine fall in love or is it just me but i got the facts from “wings of genesis” (2) can you make the charectors look like the trailor you made in “genesis road of tales” when you choose the devil egg when the trailer thing popped up(3) can you tell me the name of the music you choose for “genesis road of tales” because it is awesome(4) how come i’m the only one who posts comments more then once or do i have to fear the worst. I got bad grammer okay and i don’t reread me comments just to tell yeah.

    • I got LOT’S of questions to ask you but since i got limtied computor time i try to not post so many comments but i don’t try very hard, you know you could be insperation to people that are trying to make thire on gae you know but that’s my idea not someone else’s so hat is unlikly but not imposible. Maybe it will happen some day but only god know’s or some hippie guy that got future sight and this is the first time you posted a comment… how strange.

  • Games4471,

    I replied to your question via email. If you have further question, feel free to use the forum. It is difficult for me to reply to blog’s comments.

    • Thank you very much, i will check on it as soon as i can, maybe tommorow or next week. I hate checking my e-mail

      • I forgot to type this down but can you tell me by via e-mail the name and hiw you got this awesome music, thank you

        • The hiw is really a how but i typed it wrong and i wasn’t looking when i typed it soo yah my bad

      • I forgot to type this down but can you tell me by via e-mail the name and how you got this awesome music, thank you.

    • Hi games4471, Me and my crew don’t really know where the music came from or what Artist it came from.

      Well have you tried the forums yet?
      Hope you did. :)

      Well i guess one of my crew members made it themselves.
      I think Jon or Jen.”the twins”


  • I screwed up so badly i f#*@K*%! hate myself for that!!!!!!Just ignore the reapet okay

  • How come this is your your first comment??

  • One word.
    Thanks :)

  • I read you message and i still got a question, 2 actually.(1) If gelyan and neraine knew eachother since childhood how come they don’t remember each other in “genesis road of tales”.(2) In postive feelings to each other do mean like become friends or becoming somthing greater then friends like a couple or something.

  • I have seen both “steam punk” and “wester fusion”, I vote for neither. I choose neither becuase the pictures in the trailor when you choose the devil egg in “genesis” 1 looks alot better but since that is proboly not availbol i choose “steam punk”. How about you put down sisly and gelyan while your at it.

  • I still can’t find the names of the music in the game!!!!!!

  • Same here

  • whats the magic word i forgot to read so now i dont know it :(

  • Here is how to find the music from the wings of genesis , the music from genesis down the road of tales and some other great music:
    1 go to wings of genesis
    2 at the main menu click CREDITS and than clic the second from the top
    3 clic “music Caleb Simmons”
    4 and there you have at the right side

    PS: the music wings of genesis is the last.

  • the magic words are:
    open sesame

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  • this game is great, can i ask if rectiful got owned and give back the book and pen in genesis into the rabbit hole? cos i am very worried if genesis one got destroyed… haha lolz

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