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The world wide web is what con­nects us. It is the symbol of a new age and a brand new medium of expression. Explore my contribu­tions to this phenomenal.

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Carefully blended together, ani­mation, music, graphics and art springs to life in an interactive project. In this section, you will find my Flash games, E-learning applications and videos.

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We have been printing for hund­reds of years for a reason. There are a special space in my heart for precise typography, pretty layout and the pleasant smell of a freshly printed book.

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Everything in this portfolio starts with an idea, a story, and a piece of paper. While my right brain is busy doing calculations and forming formula, my left brain expresses its idea and story through painting, drawing and crafting.


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Developer & Designer

I'm a developer and a designer. The creativity and passion for beauty of a designer allow me to generate ideas and for my projects. The programming skill and logical approach of a developer put souls into that pretty shell and ascends my projects to life.

For me, they are two very different aspects, yet, they also feel like two of the same intertwined part.

Right Brain

Html, Css , Actionscript, Javascript, Php, CMS, E-Commerce, Advanced Math and Physic

Left Brain

Design, Typography, Illustration, Animation, Video Editing, Photo Manipulation, Creative Writing


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Hey, I do have a blog! It mostly talks about game developments and related topic. Check it out!

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